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BabyCare Carpet Cleaning has a firm belief that the power to successfully clean y  our carpet lays in the technician and not "advanced technology". Other companies will claim that because of their   equipment they can justify coming in and out of your house within an hour and leave your carpet as clean as possible. At our company, we understand that carpet cleaning takes patience and we vow to work until you are fully satisfied with your freshly cleaned carpet. We understand that it is YOUR opinion that matters most and we strive to make you a customer for life.

Our cleaning strategy begins by utilizing a deep clean, low pressure system that is proven to give your carpet a radically refreshing clean  while not leaving it soaking wet for days like many other carpet cleaners that utilize steam cleaning. Generally, your carpet will be dry and ready to walk on within 2-3 hours after cleaning! And as always, our company cleans with non-toxic chemicals that are always safe for all pets and children.

Our Cleaning Steps:

1) Pre-Inspection

We will always begin by asking you, the consumer, which spots on your carpet are bothering you the most. This allows us to better serve you and more fully understand your carpet needs. It also ensures that we know your carpet best by asking the most experienced person in the house with regards to what  your carpet has been through- YOU.

2) YES, we move furniture.

We always move furniture before we begin cleaning any home. Moving furniture is a BabyCare Carpet Cleaning Guarantee and we will never charge more for this service. (In fact, you will find that we hardly ever charge extra for anything) We do refrain from moving extremely large furniture devices like china cabinets or other high value items, but the general policy is that if its in the way of the carpet its getting moved!

3) Pre-Spray and Pre-Spotting - The secret to a beautiful carpet

High traffic areas, stains, and other troubling spots within your home will always be pre-sprayed before we begin the cleaning process. This is crucial in order to effectively cleaning your carpet because it allows for "dwell time" between our cleaners and your carpet which strengthens the cleaning power. We usually let these cleaners dwell for at least 15 minutes before beginning our soil extraction, guaranteeing a marvelous clean every time!

Many companies call this type of service "specialty cleaning" and will charge upwards of $50.00 an hour. At BabyCare Carpet Cleaning, it comes standard because sometimes its what is required to get your carpet clean - and that's what we're there to do!

4) Soil Extraction and Rinsing - Always DEEP cleaning

We utilize the power of the Rotovac in order to clean deep down into your carpet and remove the soil from your carpet. You will never see us utilizing "Bonnet Cleaning" - a technique utilized by many companies and not approved as a legitimate method of carpet cleaning. While cleaning, we take special caution not to leave cleaners or excess water in your carpet.

5) Post-Inspection

After cleaning your carpet, we will always take you, the consumer, on a tour of the house and make certain that you approve of your freshly cleaned carpet before we begin moving furniture back into place. If for any reason you notice a spot or some other area that is not satisfactorily cleaned, simply notify the technician and we will re-clean the area free of charge. This is our way of guaranteeing that you are always pleasantly pleased with your carpet cleaning experience.

6) 48 Hour Clean Carpet Guarantee!

If you notice spots returning to your carpet within 48 hours of your cleaning, simply call our company and we will return FREE of CHARGE and correct the error. We strive to be the best carpet cleaning company in Baltimore/Harford County which begins with excellent customer service!

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