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Friday, 04 June 2010 20:39

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Let's face it. You know when your carpet is dirty. And right about now, you are thinking about the best way to have it cleaned. There are undoubtedly several options on the market, but only professional carpet cleaning will leave your carpet more than just surface level clean. The difference between us and other professional carpet cleaners is that we always utilize deep scrub cleaning (cleaning more than just the surface) and we aim to make carpet cleaning affordable. After all, our # 1 business goal is to build customers for life. We do not accomplish this goal by being your standard, run of the mill company. 


The next time you are considering having your carpets cleaned, call the company that gets over 90% of its business through CUSTOMER REFERRALS!

BabyCare Carpet Cleaning Facts!

  1. We only use the DEEP SCRUB method! No steam cleaning or bonnet cleaning here. Ever. 
  2. Our low pressure system guarantees a FAST DRYING time. 
  3. We move most furniture - FREE OF CHARGE
  4. We GUARANTEE all work for 48 hours after cleaning. 

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