Pet Stain & Odor Treatment

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Sunday, 06 June 2010 10:24

Pet Stains? That's Easy! Puppy

We know you love your pets! But there is no denying that even the most well-trained pets sometimes make  an accident - and that accident is often left on your carpet. Which is why BabyCare Carpet Cleaning offers Pet Stain and  Odor Treatment that is not only proven - but guaranteed - to have your home smelling fresh and clean and have you one step closer to forgiving your pets for ever making the mistake in the first place!  

If you have pets, consider having your carpets cleaned for the following reasons:

  1. Pet hair can cause allergies! 
  2. Pets track allergens, dirt, pollen, and bacteria into your home!  
  3. Pet urine seeps deep into your carpet, breeding bacteria, and smelling awful if not treated. 
  4. Professional Carpet Cleaning means your carpet and your pets can live in peace with one another!



Our Pet Stain and Odor Treatment settles deep down into your carpet, removing the stain and eliminating the odor so that you can breathe happily and rest assured that your home is clean and safe from bacteria.babycarelogoquarter











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